Use an Apartment Loan Modification to Save Your Income – Generating Property

The demand for an apartment loan modification is projected to rise because the increasing number of unemployed people is pushing the number of vacancies in apartments to record levels. As a result, many apartment owners who are in trouble with their mortgages are looking for a way to restructure commercial real estate loans. These developments are just part of the predicted storm that will affect primarily those properties that have been purchased with the help of loans that were supported by commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS).The problem with CMBS loans was that they provided as high as 90 percent financing with a term that only lasts for five years so that the balloon payments at the end of the term are substantial. In addition to the rising vacancy rate, the financial crisis has pushed down the market values of apartment buildings so that the loan-to-value ratio is climbing to unacceptable levels. These conditions are likely to push a large number of these properties into foreclosure.Fortunately, many banks and lenders do not want to foreclose the properties and assume ownership in such an economic climate. One way out of this problem is a commercial loan modification. Property owners can get the services of one of the companies that can assist them in preparing and negotiating for an apartment loan modification. Depending on the results of the negotiations with the bank or lender, the monthly payments could be reduced, the interests could be temporarily suspended, and the term could be extended.

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