Digital Photos on Canvas – How to Make Your Own Artwork

Digital photos on canvas are becoming a popular way to create your own artwork. Many offices and homes today are displaying these canvas prints. Another good place to find these is in restaurants. The fun thing is that while they may have an expensive look about them they are quite affordable to have done today. It is a very easy ordering process too. You will have more trouble trying to decide which photos to use than you will actually ordering.Take into consideration which photos would look good in the location you want them to hang in. Then you need to choose what size photo canvas prints you want too. You can select from a variety of sizes. The prints can be hung separately or in groupings. Also if you are framing it, the frames should compliment your furniture not clash with it.Digital photos on canvas can be from print photos too, as long as you can scan them into your computer in the right resolution. Of course if your photos are already stored in your computer you will even have an easier time accessing. You will again have to have them in the right resolution though. They will need to at least be 700kb but can be as large as 2MB or more. The resolution for example needs to be 1296 x 1728 minimally for an 18 x 24.Once you have the photos you want to use in digital format and have checked their resolution, then you are ready to order. Go to the ordering website and start the process by filling in your sizes for canvas and uploading which photos are being used for each size. You can choose some special effects for your canvases too.Make them into a pop-art print which includes multiple versions of the same photo on one canvas. Each version has a bit different colors. Then there are the photo enhancing features you can perform like taking the red-eye out along with other alterations. For portraits it is sometimes fun to do either sepia tone or black-and-white tone.You can also choose whether you want a frame in the ordering process. Just select which one you want this will be figured in with your final price. This is a personal preference choice but it should go with your furniture and the print. Also know that if you want a more modern look leave the frame off. The frames can give the prints a more traditional look. So take this into consideration before ordering. Then you will just need to fill in your shipping and billing information.When you receive your digital photos on canvas prints you will be delighted to hang them in your house. You may even want to have a party to show them off. Your guests will be fascinated with your new canvas prints and wonder how you did them.Now that you know about these digital photos on canvas and how to make your own artwork, you will probably want to order some soon. Don’t forget they make good gift items too.

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